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Month: December 2018

Hands On Review: Google Pixel Slate

My Pixel Slate finally arrived weeks after it was ordered due to the Canada Postal strike on Sunday December 9th. The total package of tablet, keyboard and pen cost me a whopping CAD $2700 in total. After using it for two weeks, my perspective of the Pixel Slate is that it is a great idea that isn’t quite ready for the market yet. The tablet itself is brilliant, the pen does what you need it to do but the keyboard certainly needs more work. The software has its brilliant side but you can tell that it’s trying to find its mark.

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Switching over to Telegram

Google Hangouts had been my primary messaging platform for very many years.  The ongoing joke among my friends had always been “we’re not friends unless you’re on Google Hangouts.” So much so that many of my friends humoured me by installing Google Hangouts and I’d be the lone person they talked to on it. Almost on a whim, a core group of friends and I switched over to Telegram a couple of weeks ago.

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Excited about the Pixel Slate

The news announcement of the Google Pixel Slate at the Made by Google event this year(2018) really caught my attention. Android tablets have had a very difficult time finding a place in the market place despite having a great start with the Nexus 7. Since then, it’s been very difficult to find a great use case in the mass market.

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