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Month: January 2019

Playing Competitively in Business

I’ve been reflecting a lot on my work and my career over the past few months and one of the things that I’ve been contemplating on the many similarities between work and team sports. Most successful businesses are the result of successful teams therefore many of the principles of what makes a great teams are also relevant in business. This then also got me to start reflecting on my own journey as well.

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Retrospective on 2018

The retrospective that I write yearly is an opportune moment to reflect on the year that just past. Whenever I write my retrospectives, I start by reading the last one to see what I was thinking about last year and then comment on how I did against my last year’s goals. The last retrospective I wrote was in 2016 and it’s interesting to note that I accomplished a lot of what I had planned to accomplish in 2016.

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