Monthly Progress - January 2020

life Feb 2, 2020

It's hard to believe it, but January just came and went already. As part of my yearly retrospective, I decided to add monthly progress on my goals for the year.

Focus on my health

I've been active 17 of the 31 days in January and have ridden a total of 107 Km (albeit virtual) this year

Status: On Track

Focus on learning new things through reading

I started "Dare to Lead" in January but have to admit that reading has been brutally slow. I may have to re-adjust my goals this year for it. I want to review this after the quarter to see how this goes.

Status: Behind

Continue Writing

I've written a total of 3 blogs in January, including the retrospective. I generally feel good about where I am with this. I've tested the quality by posting it to a few friends for feedback, and the response has been decent. I'm going to start pushing this through social media to see if I can get more feedback from what I write.

Status: Ahead

Stop focusing on things and people that don't matter

I have found myself two accountability buddies and had my first sessions in January!

Status: On Track

Strategy to productize "Bunch of Stuff."

I haven't started on this yet.

Status: Behind

Focus on keeping up with technology

While I haven't started on this yet, I have spent some time continue to write out stories for "Bunch of Stuff" to be used as a tool for me. The application will at least be useful for the short term.

Status: Behind

While I've had decent progress on my goals, the year has started on a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride for me. I received news that a very close friend of mine has cancer. It was another stark reminder that I need to be focusing on people that matter and is causing me to make some challenging relationship decisions in the upcoming weeks.


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